Can I Trust You?
No need to worry, you are protected. Our employees are background-checked, bonded and insured. Our employees always arrive at your home in a Hola Cleaning Service, LLC uniform and marked car. We pay all federal, state, social security, payroll taxes. You have no personal liability with our staff since all are insured with workman’s compensation insurance. Hola Cleaning Service, LLC NEVER uses independent subcontractors.

Do I Have To Be Home When Hola Cleaning Service, LLC Cleans?
90% of our customers are not able to be home when we arrive so many give us a key to be safely stored with our secure "double-blind" key management system. Others prefer to leave a key in a pre-arranged location. If you must be home for us to gain entry we ask that you give us a wider window of arrival due to the nature of scheduling limitations - usually a two-hour arrival window.

Can you Guarantee Superior Customer Service?
The Hola Cleaning Service, LLC standard for customer service is what makes us stand apart from ordinary residential cleaning services. To guarantee each client's satisfaction with our house cleaning service, we maintain a deep commitment that is both a system and an ethic.

Do I Have To Provide Cleaning Supplies?
Hola Cleaning Service, LLC provides all the necessary cleaning solutions, sanitized supplies and state-of-the-art equipment. However, if you have a special product you prefer us to use when cleaning the house, such as a specific stone cleaner or polish, we'll be happy to use it.

Will I Get The Same Team Every Time?
If you are scheduled weekly or biweekly, Hola Cleaning Service, LLC schedules the same team to clean your home. This way, the team gets to know your home and your needs. In the event of an employee illness or scheduled vacation, we will do our best to send at least one person to your home that is on your regular home cleaning team.

How Many People Will Be In My Home?
Hola Cleaning Service, LLC works in crews of two and sometimes three person teams depending on small variations in the schedule for the day. From time to time you may also see our quality and training manager with the house cleaning team. Their job is to do spot and detailed inspections on several homes during the week to make sure that we are delivering the best quality cleaning to not only your standards but our standards too. Also remember every job is supervised and inspected by our working crew leaders. You will see their name on our comment card we leave after each cleaning.

What If Something Gets Damaged Or Broken??
Accidents occasionally happen. Hola Cleaning Service, LLC is fully insured and will repair or replace anything that gets damaged or broken as a result of an accident caused by one of our staff. It is our company policy that our teams report any incident that occurs. Honesty is always the best policy. You will not have to find something broken a week or a month later and wonder who did it. NOTE: If you do have something of extreme value or something of sentimental value, we ask that you inform us in advance so that we can show a high level of caution.

How Do I Pay?
If you cannot be there to pay the team when we finish, it is required that you leave a check in the kitchen made out to "Hola Cleaning Service, LLC " on the day of your cleaning. Cash or checks are the preferred form of payment.

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